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JESSICA FLORES launched PRESERVATION FORWARD in the Spring of 2016. Jessica is a certified  architectural historian, a trained historic building pathologist, and a lover of historic buildings and the stories they tell.

Jessica has spent nearly two decades "reading" historic buildings in all their glory and in their flaws. Previously, Jessica worked for the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office where she specialized in the environmental sustainability and rehabilitation of historic buildings. Jessica traveled the state of Michigan providing education and technical expertise on all issues related to historic preservation in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. She understands the built environment as it relates to a place and easily connects with the community who love their place. Jessica holds a LEED professional accreditation from the USGBC, has a Master of Science degree in Historic Preservation, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Building Preservation & Restoration Technology. Jessica has worked with hundreds of local government leaders, state agencies, developers, contractors, tradespeople, and involved stakeholders in order to strengthen the role of historic preservation in communities across Michigan.

PRESERVATION FORWARD is the culmination of  Jessica's hands-on experience and government expertise. It's her vision for a forward-thinking approach to historic preservation theory and practice.

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