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PRESERVATION FORWARD We understand unique places within the built environment and easily connect with the people who love their places.

  • Many exciting projects are brewing at PRESERVATION FORWARD! Please check back as we're updating our project portfolio.

"Jessica Flores, of Preservation Forward, took her time learning about the Village of Marcellus, interviewing various business owners and owners of historical buildings, and researching the history of our Village. She met with the Village Council and Village residents in order to learn about their goals and objectives for improvement, protection and preservation of the historical and culturally significant aspects of Marcellus.

I respected Jessica’s commitment to providing the Village of Marcellus with a Preservation Plan that gives us a place to begin, provides us a guide to preservation of our important historic assets and offers important resources for information on how to protect what we have.  I appreciated working with Jessica for her knowledge, experience and dedication to our Historic Preservation Plan.  She is professional, positive and passionate about her work.  It’s been a pleasure working with her."

Jacqueline LaBudie, Village of Marcellus

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